Classes will be to offered to adults from beginners to improvers and to established artists. Private tuition is available by appointment.

My classes are smaller, therefore I can focus more on each individual.
One needs the basic skills to create a good piece of work.

A beginners course would involve drawing and sketching with charcoal and pencil on paper. Building up images in a sketch book and taking notes, so the student can refer back to their lessons to help then remember the process. Light, proportion and perspective are some aspects to be learnt.

Courses are to be enjoyed. It is not a competition! The Improvers course would be learning about colour.

This would involve mixing colour and learning about primary, secondary and tertiary colours. Applying paint to paper, board or canvas. Choosing subject matter and learning to create without copying images.

Studio time for established artists
Life drawing, still life and various subjects chosen by students.
This would be a day course from 09.30 - 16.00 with a lunch break.

Beginners and Improvers Classes

Lessons will be held providing I have between 6-8 people. Generally classes will be held on a Wednesday morning between 10.0-12.00 and will run on a 4 week basis. The cost is £12 per session per individual.

Individual Lessons

One to one sessions are available on request. Please contact me for more information. The cost is £20 per hour.